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Digital Innovators' Summit newsletter
Источник: VDZ
Welcome to the first Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) newsletter for 2018 with interviews with some of the speakers who will be in action at the Summit. FIPP and VDZ’s 11th edition of DIS takes place from 19-20 March in Berlin, Germany.
Melissa Rosenthal on how Cheddar is revolutionising business news

Cheddar Inc. launched two years ago as a news and business channel aimed at at young-ish audience that would be carried via social media, smart TV and mobile. Two years on and global expansion is high on Cheddar's agenda.

How this startup plans to use blockchain to power a new media business model

There’s a huge buzz about blockchain technology of the moment and how it can be used to power everything from cryptocurrencies through to electoral systems. One company, Civil, though believes that blockchain could be at the heart of a new business model for delivering journalism.

How launching a web TV channel reaped dividends for Schibsted’s VG newspaper

Norwegian print newspaper VG, a Schibsted brand, has a history of launching successful and lucrative spin off companies. In 2013 it launched a web TV channel VGTV, and since then has seen its audience and its revenues reach impressive figures.

How Blockchain can transform the media: Burda’s Ingo Rübe on the huge potential of the new technology

It has been a key tech buzzword for several years now, but many people are still confused about Blockchain and what exactly it is. In spite of this Blockchain is also starting to impact on the media, with some companies starting to experiment with the technology to run advertising, micro payments and verification systems.

How to monetise product referral schemes - Breton Fischetti on Business Insider’s innovation Insider Picks

Magazine companies and mainstream media organisations are increasingly finding that product referral systems can prove to be a lucrative revenue source. Yet choosing the right products, and presenting them in a way that doesn't undermine the rest of the editorial can be quite a challenge.

How traditional media know-how helped Visual Statements to become a social publishing success

As publishers seek new and innovative ways to monetise their brands, many have begun to wonder if they could scale creating products that would chime with their audiences. They don't need to look too far for inspiration.

The remarkable transformation of Atlantic Media’s National Journal - with President and #DISummit 2018 speaker Kevin Turpin

Adapting business models requires guts. A complete overhaul takes even more. Faced with a near perfect storm with digital natives and even Google Alerts entering its marketplace, all the while clients were being lost due to the global financial crisis, National Journal chose the latter.

Creating a super portal: ALT.dk Digital Editor, Sara Wilkins on why amalgamating magazine brands online can reap rich rewards

One of the biggest decisions many magazine publishers have to make is how to transition their print content to digital. For some it is all about maintaining the magazine's brand online. yet others have enjoyed great success in amalgamating print publications to create super portals.

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