Here's what happened on the 1st day of DIS 2018

Digital Innovators' Summit, 18-20 March, Berlin, Germany

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Get ready for the Amazonification of media

In a world where content distribution has gone digital, we are witnessing the death of industrial marketing - paving the way for the Amazonification of media: a digital environment were the gap between inspiration and transaction will be closed down almost completely, says Troy Young, Global President, Hearst Digital Media, USA.

Transforming Hong Kong’s newspaper of record, Gary Liu, CEO, South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post has a long and distinguished history. As its CEO Gary Liu explained at the Digital Innovators’ Summit, it is also a news organisation that was until recently mired in legacy processes with old ways of looking at content and distribution. In his presentation he outlined many of the steps that he and his management team are taking to modernise it.

Six insights from VGTV on online video for a highly visual society

As the internet pivots more and more towards visual content, VG.no, Norway’s largest online news site, is maintaining its position by investing significantly in one thing: online video.      

How Cheddar Inc. innovates to create a new type of media for a new generation

Cheddar, which launched two years ago in the United States as a live and on-demand news channel, is a new type of media for a new generation, filling a gap in the market for business news tailored for millennials. Melissa Rosenthal, Cheddar Inc.’s EVP, spoke at the Digital Innovator's Summit 2018 in Berlin today, where she provided insight into the thinking behind Cheddar and its journalism and business model.

Innovation launch: Here’s where and how magazines and other media innovate

It’s been another year of rapid change and innovative publishers continue to assemble a quiver full of new solutions to drive their businesses forward – something that becomes apparent when you page through the new 2018/19 edition of Innovation in Magazine Media 2018-2019 World Report, launched at Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in Berlin.

Springwise report on AI and the future of work released at DIS

On the first day of the Digital Innovators Summit (DIS) in Berlin next week Linda Ligios, managing editor of the Springwise innovation intelligence company, revealed the findings of a new innovation report into AI and the future of work.

How Harvard Business Review uses emerging media formats to super-charge audience engagement

Maureen Hoch, editor of Harvard Business Review’s HBR.org on Monday provided insight into the experimental work HBR has been doing with new media formats in the past year to reach and engage audiences, including subscribers, in new ways.

What now with Facebook and the digital media business model?

The relationship between publishers and platforms, and in particular Facebook, was never far from conversation at several sessions at FIPP and VDZ’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin.

How Blockchain could revitalise the media

Blockchain, which was one of the key buzzwords of 2017, is a technology that its champions believe will transform many industries. 2018 has seen the hype around Blockchain abate a little, so now seems to be an apposite moment for publishers to take a serious look at what the technology is, and how it could impact on both the way they publish and monetise content.

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