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New ways for advertisers to bet on print

Publishers are finding new ways to convince advertisers that print is still relevant. Some are more radical than others, but will it save the printing press?

Snap Tech's Jenny Griffiths on how visual search can be transformative for publishers

Monetising content sympathetically, rather than alienating users by being too disruptive, is perhaps the biggest challenge facing media companies today. One unique and innovative London based company believes it has created a solution which will could be transformative for many consumer focused publishers.

It’s ‘all’ about reader revenues, say Innovation Report editors

Without generating revenues directly from readers, journalism is doomed, write the editors of FIPP and Innovation Media Consulting’s Innovation World Report in their editors’ letter for the 2018/19 edition.

Meredith’s People brand launches AMP Stories mobile storytelling format

Last month, Meredith announced it was one of the beta publishers partnering with Google to launch AMP stories. The American magazine media company’s People brand was first in the Meredith portfolio to launch the new storytelling format called AMP Stories, though one exec says there will be more to come.

The Mr. Magazine™ interview

New York magazine EIC Adam Moss on mag covers, long-form journalism and more

«The cover is no longer really to sell magazines on newsstand. As newsstands have become so much less important to all of us, the cover has a different function. It is basically the brand statement of what we make. It declares what we think is important or interesting; it declares our voice. Also, it’s an amazing document for the purposes of social media. Social media takes your cover and distributes it all over the place and it becomes an advertisement for the magazine that’s actually more important than it was originally meant to be when it was to stimulate newsstand sales.» - Adam Moss, editor-in-chief, New York magazine

Meet the Digital Innovators' Summit speakers

Jenny Griffiths, Snap Tech 

Jenny Griffiths is the founder of Snap Tech, the first visual search engine for fashion. She'll be speaking at DIS2018, 18-20 March in Berlin.

Dominik Grau, Ebner Media 

Dominik is the chief innovation officer of the Ebner Media Group, he leads the transformation of the entire company together with CEO Gerrit Klein and COO Martin Metzger. He'll also be speaking at DIS2018.


Media Voices podcast: Twitter's VP for EMEA Bruce Daisley on news, live video and transparency

This week, Twitter's VP of EMEA Bruce Daisley takes us through how the social network rediscovered its 'sweet spot' in the ranks of other platforms, where news and live video fit into its strategy, and media responsibility.

Chart of the week: Ecommerce is up and poised for further growth

Worldwide, ecommerce growth is primarily being driven by consumers using their mobile devices, phones and tablets, to acquire goods and services. According to eMarketer estimates, retail ecommerce sales reached US$2.3 trillion in 2017, a 23.2 per cent increase over the previous year.

[Video] The perfect task force for native consists of the sales and editorial teams

When creating native advertising, there has to be a big collaboration between the editorial team and the sales team, says Kim Robertz, head of sales and native advertising at Ebner Media Group.

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The impact of millennials on brands

A lot is being said about millennials. But whether you think they’re engaged and confident or self-centered and demanding, they are crucial to the success of business. Not just because they are responsible for 600 billion dollars of spending every year in the US only, but also because millennials simply are our future employees and customers.

Three steps to leveraging the data swamp: turn data overwhelm into revenue control

Good reporting is the life blood of any effective organisation. Clean data, clear reporting insight and right strategy are points on a continuum to maximum revenue. But today reporting has evolved to a swamp of endless possibilities, and not exactly a clear one. Add the fact that everyone uses different metrics and the frustration is complete.

Condé Nast Britain debuts redesigned Glamour site and bi-annual beauty book

Condé Nast Britain has relaunched today the new-look Glamour site, aimed go be the ultimate online beauty destination for UK consumers and advertisers. With a mobile-first, social-first strategy recognising the way in which the Glamour reader is living their life today, the site will feature authentic, inclusive and aspirational beauty inspiration. 

Meredith warns US Postal Regulatory Commission of massive magazine cutbacks

A plan to raise postal rates over the next five years would force Meredith Corporation to slash its print offerings, according to the company’s CEO Toma Harty. Via Dead Tree Edition

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A letter from the editor on the future of the New Statesman

"We’re asking those who get the most out of the New Statesman online to support our journalism," writes Jason Cowley, editor of the New Statesman

WSJ to seek more Mideast partnerships after tie-up with Abu Dhabi-based Al-Ittihad (via Arab News)

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) will seek more partnerships in the Middle East after linking up Abu Dhabi Media-owned publication Al-Ittihad. It comes as newspapers worldwide come under increased pressure to find new subscribers.

Sim card swapping & radio phone-ins: how Girl Effect navigates Ethiopia's unique media scene (via The Drum)

The not-for-profit Girl Effect has plans to expand its Ethiopian girl band Yegna into a truly national multi-product youth brand. But while a TV show is on the cards, its success will continue to lie in a strategy that understands the capabilities and pitfalls of Ethiopia’s curious, developing media landscape.

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